No matter what your age is, you can always get affected by muscular pains. These can affect your limbs and back, creating an inflammatory sensation. If not treated in time, the pain can affect your daily life.

Consult a Professional

Finding the exact reason for your pain can be challenging if you are not related to the medical profession. To get more information, it is better to contact a specialist in hip pain in Bromley and Chislehurst. We can look at your problem and guarantee a complete treatment to get you back in form.

Common Reasons for Pain in Your Hip

Below, you can find a few reasons you might suffer from pain in your hip.

Core Muscle Injury

If you experience excruciating pain in your hip or groin, you may face a core muscle injury. This is generally caused by strain or tear of muscles in the lower abdominal area. If you play any kind of sport after a while that involves twisting and turning, you might suffer from this injury. Resting for a few weeks can help you retain muscle strength.


This condition means the overuse of tendons (the cords that connect the muscles to our bones). You may face this problem if your hip flexor or groin is tender. The strain on the tendon is extremely dangerous, as it can cause muscular imbalance after a series of minor injuries.

Hip Impingement

The condition of hip impingement generally happens to young people performing high-intensity athletics. The problem can fuse the hip bones and affect their shape. Apart from hurting your muscles, it can also increase the risk of premature osteoarthritis. Physical therapy is the first line of treatment in such cases.

Osteoarthritis is an issue that comes in the form of a regular, dull pain in the hip. The joints become swollen and stiff and cause inflammation due to the breakdown of cartilage. This can become chronic pain if not treated properly from the initial stages. Complete physical rest is advised to cure this issue, along with over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medications.

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