Back pain is a common issue and affects almost everyone at some point in life. Though it’s not a serious problem, it makes a person extremely uncomfortable performing daily activities. The usual causes of back pain can be managed with some measures.

Major Causes of Back Pain in Orpington

You may have back pain because of one or more of the following reasons:

  • Lack of physical activity which stiffens the spine
  • Poor posture
  • Muscle sprains or strains

One may also experience back pain due to some particular conditions. Here are some of those conditions explained below.


The bones, ligaments and discs in the spine can weaken with age. This happens to most people to some degree and is a part of the ageing process. The discs in the spine get thinner, and the space between vertebrae narrows as we grow older. Tiny bone pieces, called osteophytes, may start to develop at the edges of the vertebrae and facet joints. This is Spondylosis and is similar to osteoarthritis. Its impact will reduce by keeping the spine and the muscles around the spine and pelvis strong.

Spinal Stenosis

Sometimes back pain is associated with leg pain. It typically starts as you walk for a few minutes and improves as you sit. This is called spinal stenosis. This may occur from birth or with age. These symptoms affect both legs, with one may be severe than another. We suggest seeing osteopaths if it affects the quality of life.


Back pain linked with leg pain followed by a feeling of numbness or tingling is known as Sciatica. This happens due to the squeezing or pressing of a nerve in the spine. For the majority of people with this condition, leg pain can be the worst part, while back pain improves occasionally. Bulging disc pressing on the nerve is the main cause of sciatica in most cases. Discs bulge to allow easy movement of spines. However, a bulge can sometimes catch a nerve root, which causes pain traveling down the leg and foot. You can improve this with some gentle exercises and see a specialist.

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