In today’s fast-paced and hustle urban lifestyle, most people have started experiencing back pain irrespective of age. There can be various reasons for back pain, like long sitting hours, unhealthy lifestyle, weak bones etc. Osteopaths can be your saviour to relieve or cure back pain in Orpington. Charles Read & Associates have a team of highly skilled osteopaths you can trust on. Here’s how they can help you reduce your back pain.

What is Osteopathy, and Can This Technique Cure Back Pain?

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a technique that helps to restore the body to a state of balance without any medical intervention. This treatment involves articulating and stretching an individual’s muscles and joints to improve mobility, circulation and healing.

Don’t consider osteopathy for quick relief, as this treatment focuses more on long-term resolution. You may also be given some exercises to do after the practice setting.

Osteopathy for Back Pain Relief

One of the most common reasons to visit osteopathy clinics is lower back pain. Even if you experience acute back pain that makes you think something is wrong with your back, it may not always be the case.

You could have a perfect back, and you can still experience pain. For example, much back pain occurs because the spine becomes more restricted over time. This means the movement focuses more on a single part of your spine than even movement. This can result in severe pain even while doing basic movements like bending down to pick up something from the floor.

Osteopathic Techniques To Ease Back Pain

Osteopathy mainly focuses on releasing muscle tension and increasing joint movement simultaneously. The Osteopath will choose the technique according to the patient’s situation and condition. These techniques include massaging and applying direct pressure to soft tissues in your back. This not only helps with pain but also reduces tension between back muscles.

An osteopath can also choose manipulation to relieve your back pain. This involves faster thrusting with the hands at a particular point on your spine. This lowers inflammation in your back and improves nerve function while relieving pressure on the joints in your spine.

The lymphatic pump technique is another that an osteopath can use to ease your back pain. The purpose of this technique is to help with lymph movement. Charles Read & Associates can help you if you suffer from back pain in Orpington. Contact us today for more information.