Osteoporosis means bone loss caused because of porous bone. This deadly disease leads to losing bone excessively while making extremely little bone. People suffering from this disease can break a bone by just falling, sneezing or coughing.

Osteopathy, the physical manipulation of the body’s bones and muscle tissues, can help restore bone health. Let’s dig into some early symptoms of Osteoporosis and understand osteopaths’ role in diagnosing the disease.

Initial Symptoms of Osteoporosis

  • Loss of height
  • Back Pain due to collapsed or fractured vertebra
  • Easy breaking down of bone
  • Stooped Posture

Can Osteoporosis Be Cured?

Though this disease cannot be cured, proper treatment can help sustain and protect bones. Osteopaths can also help slow down the bones’ breakdown using manipulations. There are also some medicines that can promote new bone growth.

It is essential to get proper treatment for the ones suffering from this disease, as even slight negligence can cause fractures, particularly in the spine and hip.

Can Osteopaths help with Osteoporosis?

Osteopaths can screen you and give the best advice to reduce risks and prevent bone breakdown while treating it. Here are a few ways in which osteopaths can be helpful for this condition.


With the help of an online screening tool, osteopaths can screen you for this condition.

Necessary Advice to Prevent Further Impact

After assessing your condition and severity, they will advise you on foods to eat and avoid to improve bone health, physical activity, and other ways to decrease the disease’s impact.

Osteopathic Manipulations

With the use of functional osteopathic and soft tissue techniques, your mobility and muscle responses can be improved. These techniques can also lessen the complications like balancing issues and weak muscles.


You can also hire a physiotherapist to slow down the bone loss and gain strength. Regular physical activity and exercise can keep this condition at bay, enabling you to lead a healthy and carefree life.

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