Upper back pain, lower back pain, neck pain, and radiating pain in the hip region and buttocks will break your lifestyle. This pain will also reduce your range of motion and leave you uncomfortable when moving from one place to another.

Even you will be unable to stand up straight for a long period. This situation can be challenging when you are active in sports or your daily work. Back pain is quite common, so you are not alone among those who suffer from it. Around 80% of adults will feel low back pain at some point. 

It is the main reason for work-related impairment and also the main reason why you miss work. But do you know that the root issues of your back pain can be dated back to your lifestyle? Inactivity, incorrect posture when lifting objects from the ground, and poor warm-up habits are common reasons that can cause pain. You must discover and change these habits to avoid getting stuck in a negative cycle of back pain in Orpington.

You need to talk with the experts, who are the primary care providers, about the habits that you follow and the symptoms you have. They might suggest some lifestyle changes you must follow to maintain or reduce back pain. 

Back Pain and Wear And Tear

Staying active is always great for your health. It increases the risk of wear and tear injuries to the back and spinal cord. Many sports, like football, baseball, tennis, and many more, can result in back pain if you are not following the right approach. Even post-injury care makes a real difference in long-term back health and affects your life forever. 

Back Pain and Lifting

Many people end up in chronic pain due to lifting heavy objects from below. You may be working with the weights for the resistance benefits. Or it might be that regularly bending and lifting heavy objects will put your back at risk. 

You might also have to adjust your posture to avoid stress situation on the spine. To reduce the chronic pain, it is not worth to make changes in your lifestyle. 

Freedom from back pain is possible if you follow the right pattern and lifestyle. CHARLES READ & ASSOCIATES develop the latest treatments for reducing back pain. Be sure to consult a professional now if you suffer from chronic back pain and discomfort.