Do you remember the last time you booked an appointment with your osteopath in the clinic? Are you looking for a quick fix to return to your daily activities or games?

The truth is that most individuals who suffer from back pain contact the osteopaths when the condition is severe or when something terrible happens within the body. But, at times, the problems can be prevented if they are cured at first instance with a routine check-up.

The osteopaths are experts who specialise in joint pain, ligament injuries and muscle sprain. They can quickly determine whether you are setting yourself up for future issues due to your current posture. They will find out what is wrong and explain the symptoms you might experience later.

Why Visiting The Osteopath Is A Good Idea


 Back pain happens for numerous reasons. It might happen due to your poor sitting arrangement, continuous cycling, injury in the back or even muscle strain. If you cannot identify the reasons behind back pain, you cannot fix it easily.

Extreme back pain will take a huge toll on your body and make you uncomfortable. So, it is always good to consult a professional who will identify the cause of back pain early on and suggest the needed treatment.


Due to a busy schedule and daily workload, it is obvious that you ignore the niggly ache and back pain. But, it is the time to identify and diagnose it, not to avoid it. You will not realise it, but your body will endure much over time. Corporate workers often struggle with bad necks and backs.

Builders and nurses experience extreme pressure placed on joints. Busy moms feel the same on the back while picking a baby. Hence, the routine check-up from the osteopath offering Back Pain, Orpington, is a good decision.


You often realise that you need to exercise to stay fit, and you devise a new routine. But you do not know that suddenly getting into an exercise routine will bring additional pressure on your body. Everything is affected- your muscles, ligaments and joints.

However, with pain therapists, your body can develop an alignment. Go for a check-up once in six months with an osteopath from Charles Read & Associates for guidance. Our experts deal with arthritic and other joint pain, headache, migraine, improving posture, shoulder pain, muscle pain and stiffness and many more.