Whenever you’re in pain with musculoskeletal problems, the first thing that comes to mind is to visit an osteopath or a physiotherapist. However, for novice people, the choice between both becomes difficult. To whom should you approach? Whether it is the osteopath or the physiotherapist? Although there are many similarities between the practices, you must approach the specialist depending on the type of pain you’re experiencing.

The major difference between an osteopath and a physiotherapist is how they treat the pain. Osteopaths use their hands for treatment, while physiotherapists use exercise and machines to treat the pain. According to osteopaths, the body has its healing system, and using fingers and hands on the hurt parts of the body will help you get rid of the same at the earliest.

To know more and make a better choice, read on.

What is the treatment procedure of an osteopath?

The osteopath’s job is to use manual techniques like massage and manipulation to get rid of the muscle and skeleton pain problems. They are concerned about the bones, muscles and ligaments connected with the body tissue. With the help of the massage, they will help to increase the blood flow within the body and improve the relaxation of the muscles and the nerves.

Moreover, with the effective manual treatment, you’ll receive from an osteopath, you can easily get the body and the bone back to proper balance. The massage, if done regularly, will reduce the stiffness in the bones, joints, muscles and other body parts. The osteopath also applies a muscle energy technique where the patient must push against the osteopath while applying a counter force.

What is the treatment procedure of a physiotherapist?

Like the osteopath, the work of a physiotherapist is to help improve the blood flow and relieve the pain of the body. However, apart from massage, the major process of treatment that you’ll find with every physiotherapist is exercise and the use of different machines to get rid of the pain. It would be best if you continued the exercise to get better results. The services aim to improve the movement of the limbs, thereby reading the amount of stiffness. On average, you need 7 sessions of physiotherapy to eliminate the acute and long-living muscle pain. Approach Charles Read & Associates for the best osteopaths in the Bromley area. Our osteopaths can help you with back pain, arthritis, muscle pain, stiffness and sports injuries. To know more, check our website and book your appointment.