Did you book a consultation with the osteopath? Have you completed the treatment? Now is the time that your osteopath will advise you to come back after a few weeks for a follow-up process. Your osteopath will tell you when to come down for the appointments later. 

Follow-up treatments are generally very low in duration compared to normal osteopath treatments. During the follow-up treatments, you do not have to repeat the same old questions repeatedly. By this time, the osteopath is already knowledgeable about your problems and will re-examine you to assess the changes that might have occurred after the initial treatment days. 

Things to expect during the osteopathy follow-up process

The follow-up process is scheduled to help the osteopath assess the patient’s condition after the treatment. You can expect the following things during the follow-up process. 

Checking the improvement in mobility

During the follow-up treatments, they will check the mobility, flexibility and the extent of the pain. They also provide lifestyle advice to help patients improve their physical conditions and get the best osteopath results. 

Checking on dietary conditions

After the osteopath treatment, the doctors suggest the patients take ample amounts of rest. They are also advised to drink water to keep the muscles and nerves in a smooth working condition. You should also avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol. You should also avoid eating processed foods. The osteopaths check and inquire about these things during the follow-up treatment process. 

Follow up on the exercises 

During the follow-up process, the osteopath will ask the patient to repeat the exercises shown during the osteopath treatment. If the patients cannot do the same, then it will prove that they are not following the after-treatment process. In most cases, the patients perform the exercises and show the progress rate. 

Share your discomforts 

During the follow-up process, the osteopath will also sit with the patients and consult on the discomforts. If the patient is experiencing any pain or discomfort, they will share the same with the osteopath during the after-treatment process. 

Discuss long-term relief 

The follow-up treatment process is also about discussing the long-term relief options you can avail of so that you do not have to continue the osteopath treatments later. 

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