Jogging or running is a good morning exercise routine. It helps you to keep up with your energy level and prevent heart problems. However, the repetitive stress on the muscles can sometimes cause inconveniences that can give you sleepless nights.

Neck and Back Pain Issues are Common:

One of the common problems that one faces after running is pulling muscles. It can happen in any part of your body, especially the limbs and the lower back. Even after applying gels or spraying, you may face a stiff lower back that prevents you from concentrating on your work. To get rid of this problem for good, you should visit a specialist in neck and back pain treatments.

How to Prevent Lower Back Pain After Running?

Once you are cured, you should follow some preventive measures so that you don’t face it again. These measures are discussed in detail in the following section.

Prevent Lower Back Strain:

Low back pain after running is a lack of warm-ups. If you start running without preparation, your lower back muscles will get strained. Before you begin the exercise for the day, stretch out the hamstrings, perform cross-training and strengthen the core muscles. This will help your body be prepared and prevent neck or lower back pain.

Run on a Rubber Track:

If you have this option, do not let it go. Running on a rubber track is always better than cement or Astroturf surfaces. The hard surface puts immense strain on your body, leading to muscle pulling and cramps. Running on the road is not a good practice, and you should try switching the surface as soon as possible.

Perform Strength Training:

Adequate exercise for the lower back keeps the body part balanced and reduces the chances of freak pains. Strength training, like planking, focuses on reinforcing your back. As a result, you will not suffer from a pulled muscle in your next run. A 60-minute planking session is enough to be prepared for the day.

These valuable tips can strengthen your body and prevent it from getting affected by lower back or neck pains. If your issue is severe, do not ignore it. Visit the nearest outlet for neck and back pain treatments. You can consult someone like Charles Read & Associates. We have considerable training and experience to cure your muscle stiffness and pain. To book a session, you can visit our website today.