When you are at work, you should not ignore the importance of sitting in a consistent posture. If you do not sit properly, you may experience pain in your neck and lower back. If you face this situation regularly, you may suffer from chronic problems in your muscle and bone.

Reasons for the Pain:

This pain is specifically known as osteopathic complications. These can be faced by employees who perform most of their duties at the desk. If you feel constant pain in your back, you may need to consult with an osteopath in Chislehurst.

Maintain a Consistent Posture at Work with Easy Steps:

Like every other health problem, this also comes with easy solutions. All you have to do is to follow them regularly. In this blog, you will find the top ways to maintain your body posture while you are at the desk.

  • Adjust Your Sitting Position: It is really important to remain alert about your sitting position at work. Improper posture can affect your back muscles and spinal cord. To sit in a proper position, you should adjust the height of your chair and computer screen. You should also ensure that the keyboard and mouse are closer to your reach.
  • Use Phone Correctly: If your work involves a lot of telephonic communication, this tip is for you. Do not talk on the phone by tucking the receiver between your neck and shoulder. It can cause excruciating pain in these regions. Hold the receiver typically and sit in a proper posture to engage in a conversation.
  • Take Breaks Frequently: It is an excellent habit to take some time off your desk frequently. It is a valuable habit that can keep osteopathic problems at bay. You may move around your desk or visit the cooler to drink some water. It will be helpful if you walk up to your colleague’s desk to talk about work.

Apart from adjusting your posture, you can also try some easy exercises. These will help remove back pain. However, if you suffer from osteopathic complications, you may consult Charles Read & Associates Registered Osteopaths. We have a team of vastly experienced osteopaths in Chislehurst. They can treat various muscle problems with hands-on treatment methods. Visit our website to know more.