If you have scheduled an appointment with an osteopath for the very first time, you may be thinking about what to expect during the consultation. However, before you book an appointment, make sure one of the osteopaths in Orpington you choose is registered to provide the much-needed services. This blog will give you a sneak peek of this drug-free therapy, in terms of the services included and what you should expect.

Things to Expect During Your First Osteopath Appointment

First, you need to give some answers about your health and lifestyle

In general, osteopathy is considered a form of healthcare that is patient-centred. This means this therapy focuses on your body as a whole. When you first visit an osteopath, he will give you some time to listen to your problems. You need to provide information about your lifestyle and health as well. All this information will be stored in your case study.

Secondly, you will undergo a physical examination

After gathering the necessary information on your medical history, the osteopath will apply some tests on your body. They will examine the areas that are bothering you. 

During the tests, the osteopath will ask you to do some easy movements to check your mobility and posture. Also, they will check your joints using palpation.

Lastly, you will undergo a suitable treatment plan

After performing the much-needed tests, the osteopath will develop an effective treatment plan. This might come with osteopathic manipulation (OMT), which is a treatment system built to restore the normal functioning of your body.

While this treatment plan works for several common musculoskeletal problems, you must avoid it if you have any bone infection, bone cancer, or extreme osteoporosis.

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